Fragoria – Your adventure begins in mystical worlds with exciting quests. Discover the surroundings, you move faster in the vast world of Fragoria on an exceptional mount as antelope, bear or Tiger, solve challenging and great tasks and let yourself of this unique MMORPG enchanted. Meet to thousands of other players and fight you with your own Pet way through the adventurous expanses of popular browser games. Fragoria provides you with more than 90 levels and over 800 quests a compelling online gaming experience with endless possibilities in the mystical world like no other game. Note that you encounter on your journey through the Fragoriawelt against resistance, because you are not all friendly to residents: Malignant wizards, witches and knights seek you for life and strive solely your destruction to. So be careful when you ask it to and use your new skills gained. And as if these threats from human side were not enough, there are other dangers that await you. It lurk numerous wild creatures from the animal world and underworld figures from the spirit world that will make you survive in Fragoria difficult. So you do a lot to in order to survive in this world. Improve your skills, and study or specialize yourself on certain properties. From a comprehensive range of offensive and defensive skills, such as fighting, hunting, spells or healing, you can your character, customize your mounts and Pets freely according to your wishes and continue to develop. But alone it does not work: In the existing of several maps of the world Fragoria displaying an extraordinary variety of real players that will help you complete missions and tasks and can take fortresses. Join forces with the right warriors to explore with them the magic Fragoria universe and enforce yourself against the numerous enemies. Ultimately wait battles against thousands of organized players from other countries on you – will also you part of Fragoria!
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